Slip follows Detective Lynne  Barrett as she tries to piece together a mysterious death: a woman is found dead on the floor of an abandoned apartment with debris strewn everywhere, and a symbol carved into her arm.  Her attempts to uncover the truth are disrupted by the overwhelming complexity of the case, and Lynne must untangle a mystery that escapes the simplicity of a single story. A play about crime, memory, and storytelling.

NOMINEE for Outstanding Production, Outstanding New Work, and Outstanding Actress - Alex Paxton-Beesley from My Entertainment World:

March 23rd - April 2nd
Tarragon Workspace, 30 Bridgman Ave
$30 GA, $20 Artist/Student

Alex Paxton-Beesley
Danny Pagett
Mikaela Dyke
Anders Yates

Nicole Stamp

Directed by Alec Toller

Set Design by Brownwen Lily
Lighting Design by Wesley McKenzie

Stage Manager: Kathleen Jones
Technical Director: Julian Bulof

Produced by Joshua Browne, Mikaela Dyke, and Alec Toller

Graphic Design by Jen LaPerle
Photography by Alec Toller

"This has been one of the best things I’ve seen while working for Mooney on Theatre. I absolutely loved everything about it. This show deserves to be seen and applauded. I cannot recommend this enough. Go see this and bring friends"
- Dana Ewachow, Mooney on Theatre

 "I always appreciate the inventive story-telling of Circlesnake Productions... this is a tight production done well, as usual for this company."
- Lynn Slotkin, Slotkin Letter

"Too many people missed Dark Matter and I’ve yet to let them hear the end of it; please don’t also miss Slip."
- Kelly Bedard, My Entertainment World

"Terrific performances... The two play comedy as expertly as they do the more serious material." - Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

Four Stars! "A devious and clever murder mystery... churns along on impressive imagination" - Steve Fisher, Torontoist

"Slip is a gem in Toronto’s indie theatre scene." - Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs, The Theatre Reader