The Queen's conjuror

By Alec Toller & Joshua Browne

The Attic Arts Hub
1402 Queen St E
Nov 3 - Nov 20
Wed - Sat, 8pm
Sun 2pm
$20 Student/Arts Worker

Tickets on sale here.

 John Dee was a 16th century adviser to Queen Elizabeth, and a scientist and magician when the two professions were indistinguishable. The Queen's Conjuror follows John Dee as he tries to decipher an enticing but ominous vision which he hopes will provide critical information to secure Queen Elizabeth's throne. To do this, Dee enlists the help of Edward Talbot, a scryer and medium. Talbot proves to be as brilliant as he is disturbed, and Dee must work through the wretchedness of Talbot's soul and his erratic behaviour to access the revelatory visions stabilize England. The show explores the complexity of intimacy, the dangers of vulnerability, and the necessities of both for the alchemical transformation of the soul.

Directed by Alec Toller
Written by Alec Toller & Joshua Browne

Tim Walker
Joshua Browne
Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah
Sochi Fried
John Fray

Funding generously supplied by the Toronto Arts Council Playwright Grant